How to get a superhero suit for the Oscars

The new Batman movie will introduce a new look for the Caped Crusader.

The actor playing Batman, Michael Keaton, will also be wearing a cape and a hooded helmet. 

A spokesperson for the Oscar campaign said the new costume is meant to reflect the new look.

“The suit is inspired by the suit that Michael wore during his first superhero adventure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe,” the spokesperson said. 

“Batman is a symbol of hope and light, who has stood up for all people and stood up to the darkness and injustice.

He is the hero we need to fight for the good of all.” 

According to the costume, Keaton will wear a Batman costume, which will be red, black, blue, yellow and purple. 

The spokesperson said Keaton’s Batman costume will have a “slimmed down version of the cape and hooded cap”. 

“Michael will be wearing the Batman costume for the first time in the film, and will wear the iconic red, white, and blue suit, as well as a hoodie,” the statement said.

 “It will be his first time wearing the costume.

The new Batmobile will also appear in the movie.” 

“We’re thrilled that Michael will be joining us on the big screen to represent Batman on the Oscars stage in front of an audience that has come to expect the most iconic superhero of them all, so fans of Batman will be able to celebrate with him and his fellow Gotham City heroes on December 7,” the campaign said.

The spokesperson also said the film will feature a new song from the album by rapper Kanye West called ‘The Power of Nightmares’.

 Kanye West’s album, Power of Nightmares’, is currently playing at the US box office, and it is expected to be in cinemas on December 8.