Sharks helmets will be on sale in Australia from September, with baby bike helmet due to be added next month

A NSW shark helmet manufacturer says it will be available for sale to Australian customers in September, as part of a wave of shark safety measures across the country.

Key points:Shark helmet maker Fijian Shark Co said it was in talks with the Australian government about selling shark safety productsThe helmet was made by Australian company Fijians Shark Co in China in 2016The Australian government has been working to boost the uptake of shark gear, including shark helmetsIt is expected to be the first time shark helmets will become available in Australia.

Fijian Sharks Shark Co has made a number of shark helmets over the years, but this is the first in a series of Australian-made products.

Fiji Sharks Shark Corp is a manufacturer of shark-inspired gear.

“It’s about bringing our culture, our traditions and our technology together,” chief executive officer, Andrew Juhanjua, told

“Shark helmets are a great way to bring the technology of the industry to our people.”

We’ve already had people coming from all over the world to show us their helmets.

“The Australian Government is also in talks to introduce helmet sales to the nation, and has also announced a pilot scheme that will see the government sell helmets to people in schools.

Fishermen are the primary consumers of shark products, and Fijies Shark Co’s products have been sold to the public in some of the world’s biggest fish markets.

The helmet is designed to be worn on the head while swimming and is made of polypropylene and is fitted with a built-in solar panel to recharge when the helmet is not in use.

Fikas Shark Co, which manufactures helmets in Fiji, also sells helmets in Australia, with the company releasing an image of the helmet in Sydney last month.

The shark helmet has also been used by athletes, including surfers such as Michael Phelps, to improve their underwater performance and to enhance their visibility during competitions.

But it is believed the helmet has had less success in Australia because of a lack of awareness of the risks associated with shark attacks.”

If we had more awareness of shark attacks we could potentially reduce the number of injuries, but we don’t have that awareness,” Mr Juhianjua said.”

So far we have only been able to sell shark helmets to Australian people and in the last three months we’ve sold about 250 helmets to the Australian market.

“Shark-wearable gear, such as the Fijis Shark Helmet, has become a common sight on Australian beaches.”

When I was a kid, we would go to beach with our dad and we’d wear the helmet,” Mr Ruhanju said.

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