Which helmet should I buy?

What’s your helmet size?

I’ve been thinking about what to buy, but not sure what size helmet I should go with.

Is it best to go with a regular helmet or an oversized one?

Here are my thoughts.

Gexax GX200 review: What are the pros and cons?

Read moreA regular helmet is great for those that need a lot of protection from impacts and will be wearing it regularly for the foreseeable future.

However, for those who don’t want to wear it on the job and just want a good-looking, comfortable helmet for a more everyday ride, an oversized helmet is the way to go.GExax GEX300 review: Is it worth it?

Read lessIf you’re looking to go up a size, it’s best to keep in mind that a lot more is going to go into a helmet than a regular size.

In the case of the GEX 300, the extra padding on the chin bar and sides of the head make it a bit more secure.

On the other hand, there’s not a lot going on on the top of the helmet, and the chin strap can be a bit of a distraction.

The GEX600 review: Why go with an oversized?

Read MoreThe Gex600 is a very well-designed helmet.

It has a comfortable design and looks good, and it has a few nice features to add.

There’s a little more padding on top of your chin, but this is a minor complaint.

On top of that, it comes in several colors, including black, green, white, and purple.

The downside of the oversized Gex is that the chin is not really a “go” feature on the Gex, so I wouldn’t buy it if I didn’t think that I’d need it.

The Roraima Rorio review: How do I decide which helmet to get?

Read againWhat are the biggest pros and the biggest cons of a regular or oversized helmet?

If you’ve ever worn a helmet that you thought you’d like to keep, you’ve probably had to give up on that helmet after you’ve worn it a couple of times.

The biggest downside to the regular helmet (if you’ve never had to use one) is that it’s a bit too big.

It’s much too big for a regular head-to-toe helmet.

However, the GExox GEX200 and the GX300 have both had their heads made bigger in the past.

I’ve found that the oversized helmet will fit better in my head, so this is something that I find a bit surprising.

The GEX 600, on the other end, has the ability to go a bit bigger than its regular size, so if you’re a bigger person, you might not be too worried about the extra space.

Overall, I like the GMax helmet, but I’d prefer a regular version, or at least an oversized version.

I think the Gx300 is a good option for someone who likes to wear their helmet all the time, but for a daily rider, it doesn’t fit them very well.