Warriors take on Rockets in OT in OT win

HOUSTON — Warriors guard David Lee was on the court during his team’s 111-109 victory over the Houston Rockets on Sunday night, but he was not wearing the gold helmet that his teammates had requested.

The Warriors were led by their two most talented players, center Andrew Bogut and guard Klay Thompson.

But Lee, who was wearing the helmet, was not in attendance.

He is not the only Warriors player to wear the helmet during the game.

Guard Klay said he was on hand to see the win.

He told ESPN’s Dave McMenamin that he felt that the helmet is important because the Warriors play in a conference that is not as physical as the NBA.

He said he did not feel that the gold was appropriate for the league.

Bogut, a second-round pick of the Warriors, said after the game that he wore the helmet because he thought it was a big deal for the NBA, but Lee’s helmet was not appropriate.BOGUT: The gold was a symbol that I wanted to wear.

I wanted people to know that we did have an opportunity to win.

It was an opportunity for us to show our commitment to our teammates.

When you see the gold on your helmet, it is a sign that we do have that commitment.

He said he has been wearing the jersey for two weeks and has not seen a single problem with it.

Thompson said the gold helmets are worn by some of the league’s top players.

It is important for them to wear it because they are getting ready for the All-Star break and that is important, he said.

It gives them an advantage when they are out there.