When the hell is the Viking helmet?

It is a question which no-one wants to answer.

This is because, even if the helmet has been retired, it will be in a permanent state until it can be fitted with a replacement. 

“The Viking helmet is in a state of constant use, it’s the same model, so it’s in good condition,” the head of the Italian helmet brand, D.R.G.

M, said. 

This is not to say that the helmet will not suffer from wear and tear.

“The helmet is used in a different way to the other helmets, so we have to take care of that,” he said.

“The original helmet has a history of being damaged by rain, snow and water, so when we replace the helmet we also have to replace the whole body.

This means the whole helmet will need to be replaced, but we can do it.”

The helmet will have to be fitted in the same way as every other helmet. 

The head of D.


M.A. (the German manufacturer of the original helmet) told the press in a press conference: “We are in talks with the manufacturer, the manufacturers of other helmets to find a way of using the same material as the original and the original manufacturer has said it wants to have a helmet which has the same finish, shape and feel as the one from the original”. 

“But, of course, this will be very important because the helmets that come out are very different to the ones from the 70s.” 

The new helmet will be used in competition against the new helmets made by Vittoria, the Italian manufacturer. 

A press release from the manufacturer read: “The D. Gm.


A helmet is made with an aluminium shell, it is not made of plastic.

The new model of the helmet is more light, lighter and lighter than the last one.

The helmet has more ventilation.

It is very important that the material used in the helmet can last a long time.” 

If a helmet fails to fit, the company will replace it with a helmet of the same size, shape, and material. “

We don’t want to replace a helmet because it’s part of our tradition.” 

If a helmet fails to fit, the company will replace it with a helmet of the same size, shape, and material. 

As the new year dawns, it seems that the future of the helmets will be sealed. 




is also working on a new, lightweight, high-performance helmet which will be unveiled later this year. 

It is not clear what form the new model will take, but one thing is for sure, the future is looking bright for the helmet industry. 

[Source: Il Messaggero via The Local]