How to make the ultimate motorcycle helmet

As the NFL playoffs began to heat up last weekend, the Pittsburgh Steelers looked to make their case for their championship in style.

Headgear designer Chris McQuillan, who has worked on NFL helmets for years, designed a new helmet for the Pittsburgh Bengals in honor of their game-winning touchdown in overtime.

McQuillans team, the Helmet Boy Team, put together the helmet to honor Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton and quarterback Mike Brown.

The helmet is a custom designed and crafted by McQuills team and is crafted of aluminum and carbon fiber.

The team has been working on helmets for over a decade.

McSquillans helmet was crafted using an old-school welding process.

It has a unique design that is a bit of a departure from traditional welding helmets.

It is made with a “hollow” shape that is angled up toward the top of the helmet, like a helmet with a rubberized top.

It was made using a modified version of a welding process called “conventional welding.”

This welding process is not new.

It’s been around for some time, but it has only been used for the top-end of a helmet.

It typically consists of welding together aluminum and/or carbon fiber components to create a solid structure.

The process is a process that requires a large amount of heat to heat the composite to a point where the weld is completely melted and hardened.

This process is different than traditional welding, which involves welding steel into a solid object like a motorcycle helmet.

In this process, there is an initial heat-exchange process between the steel and the composite.

This heats up the weld material, which allows the weld to solidify, forming a solid shell.

This welding is the only welding process that can actually melt steel into aluminum, and it is a very unique process.

In traditional welding techniques, the welders heat the weld surface up with the heat of a furnace to melt the metal into the weld.

The welders weld surface is then hardened to an even temperature, and the process continues.

This welding process uses high heat, high temperatures, and then low heat, which produces the welded metal structure.

This technique can be a bit tricky, because there are a lot of different types of metals that can be welded together in a way that allows for an effective welding process, McQuillo said.

This method is not always successful, as it requires a lot more heat to melt a material like steel.

The downside to this process is that the final weld structure is much less solid than a traditional welding process and is much harder to weld.

However, Mcquillans company is making the helmet out of aluminum, which is much stronger than the steel used in traditional welding.

It also has a more reflective surface, which helps protect the helmet from dust and debris.

The helmet’s helmet and helmet boy are in the process of being put up for sale online for $9,500.

McQuilly said the helmet will also go on sale for $2,500 when it goes on sale in the coming months.

McSquillons team has also been working with the Bengals to get the helmet made for them, but McQuellans team is focusing on getting the helmet into the hands of the fans as soon as possible.

Mcquillers helmet will go on the market on Sept. 17.