When you get into the NFL, you’re no longer just a kid in a hoodie

The NFL has decided to stop using helmet stickers on jerseys in favor of a more traditional approach.

The league announced Tuesday that players will be able to wear the sticker on their helmets, as well as their shorts and their cleats.

The change is part of the league’s “one stop shop” approach to making helmet stickers more widely available.

A few other major changes have also been made to helmet stickers, including one that allows players to change the color of the sticker, but will keep the same name.

In addition, the NFL has changed its policy about who can use the stickers.

The NFL said it would no longer allow any player to use the sticker to sign autographs or show support for another player.

Players will still be allowed to sign the stickers on the field, in their locker rooms, or in other designated areas.

The NFL also announced that it will no longer make helmet stickers available for pre-game use.

The league’s official helmet stickers have been available since 2004.

The decision was made after a series of safety concerns, including injuries suffered by players during the 2015 season.