How to get the new helmet from Germany: The Cranial Half Headset

German helmet manufacturer BH helmet company has launched its new Cranial Headset, a half-helmets helmet that’s designed to protect the skull, neck and chest.

The new helmet is available for purchase from the company’s online store in two different colours: red and blue.

The new helmets are available in sizes ranging from 18cm to 40cm (8in-8in), with a total weight of around 6.5kg (12.2lbs).BH’s cranial helmets have been around since the 1920s, and they’ve been a favourite of the military and police for decades.

According to the company, the helmets are designed to withstand the impact of helmets, while being light enough to fit in a backpack.

The helmet’s design, like the company itself, is based on the human skull, but the cranial portion of the helmet is made of a synthetic material, rather than the human body’s bone.BH says that it has designed the helmet so that the helmet can be worn without discomfort, which means that the headgear doesn’t feel like you’re wearing a full-body helmet.

The helmet can also be worn over a head covering such as a mask, or over the shoulder in place of a helmet.

Bh says that the helmets come in two colours, black and blue, with a range of sizes and colors available.

The black helmet has a soft material that doesn’t rub against the face.

BH says the blue helmet comes in three different sizes: around 8cm, 18cm and 32cm.

The company also has a range available for a smaller helmet that fits into a backpack or a belt, as well as a helmet for children under 5 years old.

There are also three colours available for the new helmets: red, blue and white.