How to draw the perfect football helmet

The art of drawing the perfect helmet has been in the spotlight recently with the recent death of footballer Wayne Rooney.

But, the most iconic piece of equipment in football has always been the helmet.

While some football players have had the best time ever in their sport, others have had a less than perfect experience, with the helmet being one of the least loved parts of the game.

So, how do you draw the right helmet?

Read moreA picture has emerged of an artist who has created a helmet that has become a collector’s item in Australia, with some fans in Australia even buying a helmet with the words ‘Aussie Soccer Hero’ printed on it.

It was one of a number of pictures posted online of an art deco football helmet, with an image of footballer David Villa, who played for Newcastle United and Hull City, next to a picture of footballer Robbie Fowler, who scored against Arsenal in the FA Cup final in 2000.

The artist, who goes by the name of the Master, created the mask for his own personal collection, and has made a couple of sets of masks to sell.

He also has a mask with the club crest on it, but that is probably more of a collectors piece.

A few of the pictures are not as flattering as the first, but most of them have him smiling, and a picture with the famous slogan ‘Australian Soccer Hero’.

“It’s a little bit of a shock, I was really excited to get the mask out there and actually try and make something that looks like a real mask,” he told News.

“I’m always looking for new things, so this mask was something that was pretty easy to come up with, and I was happy with the result.”

He said the mask is also used in some other countries around the world, and that the fans have been quite receptive to it.

“It just shows a lot of appreciation to the fans, to the community, to those who have played football,” he said.

“You can see a lot more people playing football than ever before.”

We’ve all got a different set of skills.

Some people might be better at it, some might be a bit better at the physical skills, and others are just really good at the mental stuff.

“The mask is on display at the Brisbane Art Gallery.