Bell Cycling helmet light goes on sale for the first time

Bell Cycling is offering a new helmet light that will go on sale next month for the very first time.

The new Bell bike helmet light is a one-piece design with a single lens.

It is lighter than a traditional helmet light and is made from carbon fibre with an integrated power supply.

It features a built-in battery that can be charged via USB.

It will go up for pre-order on November 18.

The bike light is made with aluminium and it features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that uses a standard micro USB charger.

This light will also be available in the new Bell X5 helmet light, which is available for purchase starting November 20.

Bell Cycling said the new helmet lights are a part of the new brand Bell Cycling and will be available on all of their models.

Bell X5 is a new Bell Cycling light with a built in battery that will charge via USB and is available to pre-purchase starting November 10.

The Bell X4 and X4+ are new Bell bikes that will be sold in November.

The X4 is a lighter bike that uses aluminium and is a little heavier than a typical bike light.

The light comes with an included charger.