How the Pittsburgh Steelers’ Pittsburgh Steeler helmet will look next season

We’ve all seen the old-school, “We’re not wearing helmets!” look.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are the only team in the NFL to not wear helmets on game day.

The team has a history of wearing helmets.

The Steelers have worn helmets on the field for nearly 40 years.

Now they will wear them on the sidelines, for the first time in 30 years.

The new helmets will be available for purchase starting this fall.

Here are the highlights from the new look.

What are the benefits of wearing a new helmet?

The Steelers will have the ability to wear a new uniform.

This is a big change for the team.

The old uniforms were made from recycled plastic.

They were a great look.

But, in the eyes of many fans, the old uniforms looked like the “Steelers of old.”

But, the new uniforms will be made from carbon fiber, which is stronger, more breathable and much more durable than the plastic of old.

The helmet also will be much lighter and will have a much longer neck line.

Why did the Steelers choose to use a new design?

There are a few reasons why the team decided to use carbon fiber for its new helmets.

They wanted to make sure the new helmet is as durable as possible.

The carbon fiber also allows the helmet to absorb the shock of impact and provide better protection from head injuries.

The only downside is that carbon fiber is extremely fragile and prone to cracking.

The biggest downside of wearing carbon fiber helmets is that it will take about a year to break in.

The design will also allow the Steelers to make changes to the new helmets on a regular basis.

What does it cost?

The Pittsburgh Steel’s new helmet will cost $175.99.

That’s about $8 more than the team’s old helmet, which was $85.99 at the time.

The cost will increase to $225.99 next season, and $290.99 in 2020.

There will be no additional cost for the new season.

Is it a big deal to wear carbon fiber?

It is, but it’s not the only reason.

Carbon fiber is used in many other products, including shoes, and it’s a popular material for building skyscrapers.

It is also used in some forms of body armor.

There are some serious problems with carbon fiber in the helmet industry, though.

Some people are worried about the quality of carbon fiber used in the new jerseys.

Others worry that carbon fibers could cause some sort of health issue.

What is the Pittsburgh Steelers?

The franchise has been around since 1879.

The Steelers have been in Pittsburgh since 1968.

The franchise won the Super Bowl in 1967.

The stadium is the Heinz Field, which stands in the heart of the city.