The X-Men helmets are now on sale

It’s been a rough year for the X-men helmets.

The brand has been under fire after two high-profile helmet controversies: one with a helmet worn by Deadpool and the other with the X, Wolverine, and Nightcrawler helmets that were given to fans as a Christmas present.

Now, a new helmet is coming to the X and the X is not pleased.

The helmet was created by Japanese helmet maker Shibuya, who had previously created helmets for Marvel, The Avengers, and The Punisher.

The new X-MEN helmet, however, was designed to look like an X-ray visor, something fans had complained about, as the visor is supposed to help people in vision impairments.

But that was a bad idea.

In addition to being a bad design, the helmet is actually a little too large for most people’s heads, as well as being a bit too bulky.

The X-Team team also has concerns about the X helmets, since their helmets are designed for their X-Man, Cyclops, who has no visible eyes.

And while they do have eyes, the X helmet is meant to cover the entire face.

“The X is the last person who is expected to be wearing it,” X-Force founder Emma Frost said at the time.

The backlash is building as X-Mansion fans start to voice their concerns about their helmets, and the team is taking a look at whether it can make changes.

“We are in a position of having to make decisions about the future of our company,” Cyclops’ creator Brian Michael Bendis told EW in an interview.

“I think we’re going to have to decide about whether to continue to make these helmets, or if we want to make a change.”

So far, the company has not made any changes.

And in the meantime, X-Fighters and Nightscrawlers are getting their own helmets that don’t fit them well, and a few others have been sent to various locations.