Corinthian cycle helmet to be banned from use in Europe

Italia’s Cycling Federation (FCI) has announced that it is considering banning the Corinthians new cycle helmet from being worn on roads in Europe.

Cyclists in Europe will be able to wear the helmet without paying a fee of €2.50 for the first year, and €1.50 thereafter.

However, the helmet will only be allowed on roads during the daylight hours, during the week, and during the winter. 

The FCI said it is currently considering the issue of cycling helmets in Italy, and if the ban is implemented, it will have to consider all other EU countries.

The federation has also said it will “consider all possible measures to prevent a similar ban in Italy”.

The Corinthans new helmet will be unveiled on February 25, and it is expected to be the first new helmet from Corinthia. 

Corinthian, which is based in Italy’s northern city of Pozzallo, has won the first two editions of the Tour de France, and has also claimed the two stage wins at the Tour Down Under and the Vuelta a España.

The helmet has a lightweight material and features a chin strap with an integrated helmet holder, allowing cyclists to keep their helmets close at hand while riding.