Why is the U.S. government buying baby helmets?

A new federal law that makes helmets compulsory in the U to protect baby heads from the cold has some parents worried.

The law, signed by President Donald Trump, mandates that all baby helmets be made in the United States, and that they must be made with “good manufacturing practices.”

The law was first proposed by the Obama administration, but the Trump administration said it was an unnecessary expense.

It says that child protective services must buy and distribute baby helmets, but it also says that the U can’t make them for other countries, including Canada.

Baby helmets cost about $60 each, and can cost $5,000 for a set made of foam.

The cost of making a set of baby helmets is $30,000, according to the Department of Labor.

Some parents have been buying baby-specific helmets, and others are using the $30 million for their own babies, and are concerned that the new helmet law will lead to higher costs.

The new law was approved by the U-S Congress and the Trump Administration.

The department said the new law will save taxpayers up to $100 million over the next 10 years.

The department says the law will help increase the availability of child protective equipment and to save lives.

Some manufacturers are already doing their part to meet the law’s requirements, including the American Federation of Children, the American Institute for Health Care Policy, the National Baby Company Association, the Uptown Baby Shoppers Association and Baby Gear.

The Department of Education said in a statement that the legislation will help protect children.

“The department is pleased to announce the enactment of legislation that will ensure that baby helmet purchases and helmet sales will be subject to the same rigorous quality assurance standards as those for all consumer products,” the statement said.