How to get your own WW2 germans bicycle helmet from the riddell website

We know you’re a fan of Riddell but for some reason we haven’t heard anything about the company’s new WW2 helmets, which are designed to look more like a vintage sports helmet.

It looks a bit like a 1950s sports helmet, but with more features.

Riddell has announced the helmets, and they look like the original models from the German military.

They are available in white, dark blue, black, yellow, green, red, and black with the new “light green” finish, which is also available in a limited edition of 10,000.

They have been on sale since December 1, 2016 and cost €169.99 (about £130).

You can find out more about the new helmets from Riddells website.

The helmet’s look is inspired by WWII helmets, with the shape of the visor being reminiscent of a German sports helmet rather than a modern helmet.

The “light blue” finish is available only in a few colours, but we would definitely recommend going for the white version.

We think it looks a little more modern than the rest of the helmet’s designs, but you’ll need to experiment with the colours to find your perfect colour combination.

The other feature of the new helmet is a large vent in the top of the head.

The vent is attached to the helmet with a small metal strap that’s attached to a strap at the base of the chin.

The strap then connects to the vent using a buckle.

Ridding the helmet of the large vent is an easy task.

Just remove the metal strap from the vent and replace it with a new strap.

This will take a bit of getting used to, but it’s not a problem if you’re not a huge fan of the old look.

You can just slide the old strap over the new one, which will allow the helmet to look a bit more modern.

You can also attach the helmet by attaching the strap to the bottom of the cap or using the Velcro attachment.

You won’t need to worry about removing the helmet as it will be in place.

The riddells original helmet was discontinued in 2012, so you can buy a new one for around €129.99, which may sound like a bargain but we’d recommend you avoid the new model, which might not fit you like you think.

It might not be a bad investment to have in case you get a replacement.