Lacrosse helmet costs nearly twice as much as vintage motorcycle helmet

The Lacrosse League, the premier men’s lacrosse league in the U.S., is facing a recall of more than 4,000 helmets, which are being recalled to help prevent injury to players.

The League is investigating a report of players wearing a helmet that is too small and that is worn on the wrong side of the head.

The Lacroix, which was founded in 1980, is the only league in North America that relies on equipment bought directly from the manufacturers.

The league issued a statement Wednesday saying the helmet was not manufactured in the 1980s and has no markings identifying the helmet’s vintage origin.

The National Lacrosse Foundation, a nonprofit group that advocates for sport in the United States, is urging the league to recall the helmets immediately.

“The LacrosseLeague’s response to this matter is not acceptable,” the foundation said in a statement.

The foundation is not calling for any specific actions, but said the league has to “get serious about its safety and continue to look for ways to make the sport safer and more enjoyable for all fans.”

The Lacrrosse League said it was not aware of any reported injuries.

The American Lacrosse Association, the national governing body for men’s basketball, said in January that it was investigating a claim of helmet wearing by players.