Steelers GM Mike Tomlin has a hat trick of ‘Space Knight’ helmets on the way

Pittsburgh Steelers GM and Head Coach Mike Tomlins hat trick comes to an end, with the team announcing on Wednesday that it has unveiled a set of “Space Knight” helmets. 

The “Space Knights” are based on the helmet worn by a character in the Star Wars franchise, with a “star” in the helmet, and a “wing” in place of the “E” symbol on the side of the helmet. 

Tomlin has used the helmet in the past to take on opponents. 

In 2016, he used a helmet that featured a red-and-white “Star Wars” motif. 

Now, it looks like the Steelers will get a new helmet for the 2018 season. 

“Our goal for this year was to create a helmet for our fans to wear as part of the team’s uniform and to have an official helmet that they can get,” said Tomlin. 

With the “Space Kings” set, the Steelers are taking on the “Star Trek” franchise, the “Doctor Who” show, and the “The Avengers.” 

“It’s a great opportunity to have something that reflects our football team’s heritage, but also reflect our identity,” said the head coach. 

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