When the U.S. goes on a climbing spree, we can get a little more serious about protecting ourselves

Posted by The Hill on Monday, September 14, 2019 07:02:02 While it’s a fun game to play, you’re going to want to have your helmet on for some of the climbing.

The Hill reports that a new helmet band from bontrag helmets can help keep you safer in the outdoors.

The band is a standard part of most climbers’ gear, but some climbers may prefer to customize their own band.

The new helmet is designed to give you better protection when you need it most.

The Bontragger’s new helmet features a padded, full face shield, with a metal back plate and a rubberized liner that allows for increased comfort when you’re on the move.

The padding is lightweight and has a high density to it.

The bontrag bontrops also offer a few additional features, including a removable chin strap that can be used for additional protection when hanging from a harness.

The company says the new helmet offers a good balance of performance, comfort and performance protection.

“This product is designed for a specific application, which is a climbing helmet with a helmet band,” said Jeff Bontrag, co-founder and president of Bontracs.

“The overall product is not going to offer as much protection as other climbing helmets on the market.”

Bontrace’s new bontrac band can be purchased online for $129.95 and comes with a 3-year warranty.

You can check out the new bocs in action below.