‘This helmet is like a weapon’: Black helmet maker in controversy

A black helmet company in Canada has been accused of being “an accessory to an act of violence.”

Black Helmet Canada’s logo features a skull helmet that is being used by someone in a car crash.

The company, which manufactures helmets for recreational cyclists, says it “was never a threat” and the helmet is designed to protect the wearer.

The company was founded in 2014, but its CEO, Mark Hickey, is not in jail and is on bail awaiting trial on three charges.CBC News has learned the company is being investigated by the B.C. Serious Incident Response Team (SIRT), a group that investigates alleged or known criminal offences.

The team investigates allegations of police misconduct, including police officers using excessive force and excessive force that leads to death or injury.

The B.L.C.’s SIRT said it has reviewed the company’s marketing materials and its policies to determine if any of its advertising and promotional materials violated the law.

Black Helmet was founded by Hickey in 2014 and was later bought by another company, the Mountain Bikes.

The Mountain Bikers now sell helmets, which are designed for cyclists, for recreational riding.

The Mountain Biking brand also sells helmets for motorcycles.

Hickey, a former Vancouver police officer, is currently awaiting trial for three charges related to a fatal shooting by Surrey police in 2016.

He pleaded not guilty to all charges, but is set to be sentenced in 2019.

Hickeys attorney, Gary Loughton, told CBC News the BCTB and the SIRT are investigating the allegations.

“It’s very troubling,” Loughtons statement said.

“The fact that it’s been referred to as an accessory to a crime is alarming.

They are certainly very aware of the allegations.””

We’ve got to see what happens, but the BCRT is certainly aware of it.

They are certainly very aware of the allegations.”

Hickey’s company, Black Helmet, says its helmets are designed to be worn by recreational cyclists who have not ridden a motorcycle in five years.

The logo for Black Helmet is an illustration of a skull with an eye, which is a symbol of protection and safety.

The skull is seen in the background of the image.

Black Helmets marketing materials have said helmets are “a simple, safe way to keep a person safe” and “an essential piece of equipment for all those who ride their bikes.”

Black Helmers website says the company sells helmets to anyone, “who rides a bike and needs a helmet.”

Hickey has said the helmet protects cyclists from injuries, “not just those who are in a collision.”

Hicckey has been charged with three counts of attempted murder and one count of uttering threats.

He has pleaded not-guilty to all three charges and will be sentenced at a later date.

Hicckeys lawyer, Loughston, said the company has “always been a very good company.”

“It’s always been a really good company, it’s just a little bit of a concern that they are being investigated as a criminal organization,” Lopston said.

The mountain bikes logo is an image of a helmet with an eyes.

The logo is seen on Black Helmets website.