Medieval helmet with fire emblem in the centre

A medieval helmet with a flaming red cross has been unveiled in a London auction.

The item is the first of its kind in Britain and is being sold by auction house Bidders’ World for an undisclosed sum.

It was made in 1215 and is said to have been a “bronze helmet” and was made by a knight named John “Roderick” of Darnall.

The helmet was given to John of Dannesbury who was later knighted.

Its distinctive flame-emblem is located in the middle of the helmet and can be seen in a series of images on the auction house’s website.

Bidders were invited to the auction by the Darnalls to buy the helmet.

It is the only helmet of its type known to survive in Britain, according to the Biddings website.

The helmet was acquired by the British Museum and has been stored in the collection of the British Library, according the website.