How to know if your helmet is worth $3,000

When you look at the average price of a new helmet, you probably don’t see the price tags.

The average price for a new NFL helmet is $3.5 million.

But some experts say a helmet can be worth more than that.

The average price is a little lower than what you might expect.

It’s more like $2.5-3 million, according to a study done by Dr. Joseph D. Cacchio, director of the Division of Sports Medicine at Vanderbilt University.

You might expect that a new, high-performance helmet is more expensive, but Cacchi said there are a few caveats to the study.

For one, you might have the right kind of helmet, Caccios said.

You could buy a very, very expensive one, but it’s worth much less than what people are charging for them.

Also, you may not get the type of padding that people are using.

So what you’re looking at is a high-end helmet that you might be able to afford, Caccos said, but you don’t want to get one that is too expensive.

And you might not be able afford the right type of protective technology, Cucicos said — so a new head coach might be better off using a better helmet.

You may need the type that is more like a baseball cap, but those caps can cost $10,000 or more.

And a high school coach might need something that is similar to a baseball helmet, but is less expensive, Cincicos added.

“A lot of helmets are actually a good investment,” Caccci said.

“They’re going to last a long time, they’re going do a lot of the stuff you expect, they have good padding, and they have a lot more protection.

They’re going in a place where you’re going, ‘OK, this is a good thing.'”

And there are helmets that are not going to be worth $2 million, Cccos said.

“What you’re getting is a product that is designed for a certain market, and that’s going to have a very limited shelf life,” Caccicos told Fox Sports.

So the next time you see a helmet, ask yourself if it’s a good bet.