How to Wear Your Helmet in 2016

What are your best motorcycle helmets for winter and fall? 

 I’m sure I have a few. 

 The first step is to get the proper fit and shape. 

I recommend the Fulcrum 2 helmet, which has a wide brim, but I prefer the Wolff 2 which has a narrower brim. 

My next suggestion would be the Sparks 2. 

For me, the Nashville 1 is the perfect helmet for winter, with the narrow brim for a snug fit. 

This one comes in black and silver, with an interior mesh. 

You can buy this helmet online for $110. 

A few other tips: Don’t buy a helmet that you will need in the winter. 

If you plan on wearing a helmet for more than a couple of days a year, I would recommend looking at a motorcycle helmet that can last at least six months. 

Buy a helmet with a snow-like resistance rating. 

It’s important to be able to withstand the cold and snow. 

In my experience, this means a helmet made of polycarbonate or other high-density materials like Volta suede or even a wool helmet. 

Get the best ventilation. 

With helmets, you want airflow, not a cold air vent. 

To keep your helmet warm and dry, I recommend a mask. 

The mask should be made of a mesh, which helps cool you, but also traps air and keeps you warm. 

Avoid using a helmet when you’re wearing gloves. 

One tip that I’ve seen over and over again is to put your helmet on your back to keep your fingers free. 

Don’ t wear it during a ride. 

Hands can become sweaty and it can take a bit to get used to, especially if you’re using a bicycle saddle or a backpack. 

Also, if you ride a bike on pavement, you’ll need to wear a helmet.

This can be difficult for women and older riders. 

Finally, it’s important that you wear your helmet when it’s cold. 

That means, if the wind is blowing, don’t wear your helmets in your pocket. 

Your helmet should stay inside your belt. 

Stay warm with these helmet tips. 

Here’s what I think you should wear to work or school: Wear a long, sleeveless shirt with a hood, jacket, or hoodie. 

Wearing a hat and gloves is important, but it’s also important to wear your gloves when you ride.