New helmet designed by Sena

Posted September 16, 2018 11:03:13A new helmet from Sena has been unveiled by the company.

The helmet is designed to protect the wearer from falling helmets and other body parts.

The helmet has been tested by the Japanese Ministry of Education in Tokyo, and is expected to go on sale in the second quarter of 2020.

The mask has a headband that’s made of foam, which absorbs the force of falling helmets.

A light sensor inside the mask keeps track of the wearer’s position in the helmet.

The headband, which is attached to the helmet, has a small slit on the top of the head.

The headband is adjustable to the wearer.

A pair of sensors on the headband will measure the wearer and monitor the wearer´s head position in a head-up display, which will be available on the back of the helmet as well.

Sensors on the face mask will also detect if the wearer has a concussion or other injuries.

When the wearer moves the mask, a light sensor on the mask will tell the wearer if the mask is on or not.

Sensing the head movement, the sensors on both the face and helmet will warn the wearer about a concussion.

The helmets are a collaboration between the Japanese technology company, Sena, and the Ministry of the Interior of Japan.

The masks have been manufactured at the company´s new manufacturing facility in Nagoya, and will be sold in Japan.