Saturday, October 30, 2010

Schuberth R1 Motorcycle Helmet Review

The schuberth helmet is one of  the finest helmet in the world,the helmet is a lot lighter than the S1, the visor is nice and wide every thing is flush and it comes off very easy it goes up higher than most helmet,the lever rotate back and forth there an air pocket that seal the visor nice and tight.

The vent is very simple to open and there is a special design channel that keeps the noise level down with most schuberth it comes with a rotating sun visor but it stick out just a little bit, very nice helmet the liners are very comfortable there are three channel that Chanel the air thought the helmet correctly.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Girly motorcycle helmets

Girly motorcycle helmets just a few days ago i received am email that i like the fact that at least some companies are making gear specifically for women, most female really  like the pink helmets it is very bright, i have seen a lot of girls wearing them though.

Some girls want that but others prefer to look the same as the guys, helmet and boots follow the same pattern, though the difference is really only color and women can get identical items that appear exactly alike,Some female love to ride and be accepted as just another rider.

Enjoying the sport and sharpening their skills.taking in the scenery or getting a knee down, just like the guys many female riders deserve to  wear the same helmet and cloth because there are some really talented female rides, a good place to get girls helmet from is Amazon.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

carbon fiber motorcycle helmets

A large amount of sports helmets are made of fiberglass. While offering some protection fiberglass is not strong enough to withstand the bone shattering impact that can result from a motorcycle riders head impacting rock solid pavement, on the other hand helmets that are made from carbon fiber can take a great deal of punishment.
  Carbon fiber is five times the strength of steel and ten time lighter with this in mind it can be stretch, flex and better absorbed impact these carbon fiber helmets  are lighter durable than most helmets today made from fiberglass material. With such astrong material, it is now possible to make more compact helmets that are lighter and less bulky today which will increase the rider chance in the event of an accident.