Saturday, July 3, 2010


hjc youth helmet automatically adjusts and grips wear heads of different sizes. The helmet has a rigid shell with shock absorbing foam pads secured to the interior of the shell. There is an elastic band that extend within the helmet, and the mid portion secured to the back of the helmet The two piece helmet is designed especially for the youngster that needs to get his helmet on and off quickly .

The V-shaped elastic band snugly cradles and forwardly biases the helmet on the wearer's head and tends to space the helmet from the wear as head at the sides and rear areas. The youth motorcycle helmet is known as a half-face, and in combination with a half mask provides the same function as adult motorcycles helmet. The helmet is believed particularly useful in youth games which have limited budgets and time to individually fit helmets to riders' heads.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Bikers blog

,Biker blog  over the past couple of months this motorcycle helmet blog was favored among the top motorcycle and bikers blog online, due to the large increase in traffic and post to my site, most of my biker friends came here to seek knowledge and returned over and over again to find out what ever information they desire thanks to all of my readers and visitors this is one of the best biker blog on line with a growing large traffic.just remember what ever you need to find out about motorcycle helmet, and  motorcycle it here just use our database to find what ever you need.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Are momo design helmets approved for motorcycle

Are momo design helmets approved for motorcycle i have been receiving a lot of email about this type of helmet and was asked to create a article for my readers yes these helmet are approved for motorcycle recent information reaching or office state that these helmet are very safe despite there appearance if you have any updated information please feel free to let us know.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tips for dirt bike riders

Motorcycle Helmet, and tips for dirt bike riders.
Whether you are a beginner or veteran rider it is important that you take extreme safety precautions while riding high-speed motorcycles, you should also use the motorcycle throttle lock with caution since accident risks are higher with these powerful machines.
Since Bike riders spend most of their time doing stunts, racing, riding on steep hills, uneven ground and rough terrain, the Helmet becomes the most important component of a biker safety gear. Choosing the right equipment should not be based only on the style or design but on the degree of protection, safety and comfort it can provide to the rider remember, to wear your motorcycle safety helmets

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Twitter motorcycle helmets

Twitter motorcycle helmets i recently join the tweeting world of twitter to let all my readers know about the latest information and blog post, we have on the world most popular site called twitter. I was advice by one  of my most trusted biker friend  if i want to increase my blog size then i must use the services of this website to do so you can find us online on twitter at motorcycle helmets. twitter.please do follow us as we try to provide the best and latest information.about motorcycle and helmets.

Honda motorcycle helmets Reviews

Honda motorcycle helmets  Can Honda make a helmet like they make a bike well, i think we all should know that answer yes,  they are one of the top manufacture of motorcycles but there helmet are way in the future Honda spend a great amount of time and money on there helmet design model and materials some are even saying that Honda has the safest helmet on the market to date. I  recommend you keep it simple if you have a Honda bike buy a Honda helmet and ride into the deep horizon

Monday, June 28, 2010

Ktm 125 Review

Ktm 125 Review This bike is one of the best  bike in it class light weight and easy to handle,not to mention cheap. the ktm is very easy to start and fires almost every time  you try to start it even when it is cold, we find that this bike seems to be very small but despite that it is a little fat at the button and slim on the top which make it easier for some riders and gives you good balance, putting this bike trough the trees is a breeze, it handle so good that i felt it was to perfect never the less this bike is perfect for off road i found no fault with this bike and recommended it to any one. the parts are very easy to get and cheap as well,fuel is not a question this baby don't burn fuel you could go mile and won't have to worry if you are looking for a perfect mix this this is your bike..

kawasaki green helmet

Kawasaki green helmet  the green helmet from this company is so intriguing that most motor bike riders are trading in they old helmet and buying this model, some are even say that it a way for bikers to say that they are helping the environment  which is a great thing.the Scorpion has a few green helmets and so does some of the other big manufacture such as Avg and Bell.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Honda motorcycle malaysia

Honda motorcycle Malaysia   Honda is a world wide brand that everyone loves,even in country like Malaysia there brand is seeing huge growth most of the traffic in this country is motorcycles and it would only make sense to use one that is very fuel efficient, with   readily available parts, parts make a big difference  having a bike and cant get replacement for  it would make no sense, this is why i think Malaysian use Honda malaysia motorbike so much.