Saturday, June 19, 2010

New airoh sv55s bluetooth helmet

New airoh sv55s bluetooth helmet review i came across this head set and decided to do a short review
The Airoh SV55S helmet is fitted with the Airoh W-Conn blue tooth telephone, and rider to rider communication kit. It can also connect with a sat nav or a mp3 player this system  was not very impressive at all.

The sound and clarity was very poor and does not seen to transmit very well it claim that it has one button push operation but this does not seen to be true the button had to be touch a number of time before this was to communicate. 

Sat Nav way very bad and was always loosing signal not a very good pick good blootooth  helmet device.

How To Set Up Your PS3 Bluetooth Headset

How To Set Up Your PS3 Blue tooth Headset i came across this YouTube video which was very help full for me to set up my head set to this game system so i decide to share it with you so you can be able to do the same some times it takes a video just to get some simple things wright

Bluetooth motorcycle helmets

Blue tooth motorcycle helmets when you attempt to communicate from a motorcycle or moped, there are a number of issues that make things difficult,This is where blue tooth technology is starting to come to the rescue. A blue tooth helmet include headsets, that is made up of a set of headphones, with a microphone attached to them, this make communication between you and your passenger or some one in a nearby vehicle. there are many different type out there the this is best for your safety blue tooth motorcycle helmet by diy designs a great choice.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Motorcycle helmets in Mississauga

Motorcycle helmets in Mississauga  i have been receiving a lot of email that rider in Mississauga find it difficult to get a good motorcycle helmets there are a couple of place you can go in this area one such place is, Canadian tire and another one is
Bent bikes  :
(905) 273-3717
2533 Wharton Glen Ave   Mississauga GTA

Canadian Tire 
(905) 272-4800
1156 Dundas St E, Mississauga, ON
Fax:(905) 272-3064

Please let us know about your experience here i have been to both places and find that there are some good selection on bike gears and helmets.from time to time some of these stores has good sales where you can catch some good deals.

Motorcycle Blog

Motorcycle Blog  We have a blog on motorcycle riding helmet reviews and any thing that has to do with motorcycle and helmets this blog has been on line since 2008 and will continue for a very long time weather you are just a rider or simple seeking some information we have it here in or database.

Brad Pitt shopping for new motorcycle in Japan

Brad Pitt shopping for new motorcycle and helmet in japan recent news said that brad Pitt crash his motorcycle The actor, is in Tokyo to promote his latest movie, "Inglourious Bastards," said he trashed his favorite bike recently while trying to escape overzealous photographers, so now he is looking around for a new bike which brand will he choose and what helmet will he wear.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Smallest motorcycle helmets

Smallest motorcycle helmets one of the smallest helmet i have ever seen was one made by the German this helmet was so small that not even a kid would be able to use it properly, and not only that the helmet was also approved by DOT this was a couple of years ago i found a picture of what the helmet design was when it was made first to find out more on this please use or database.

Cheap agv helmets

Cheap agv helmets one of the worst things you can do is to pay to much for a over priced helmets most times 
agv helmets sale are so often you can pick up one at a very good price, and the quality is one of the best one of my favourite are the Valentino rossi avg helmet, the feel  and the comfort that this helmet give  is  unbelievable if you are looking to buy one then this is a very good pick just see there site often for sale in the USA.

Should Motorcycle Helmets Be Optional?

Should Motorcycle Helmets Be Optional?   Making a motorcycle helmets optional in the state of Pennsylvania  was signed into law by Governor Rendell, bringing an end to the state's 30 year old mandatory motorcycle helmet law. From past reports helmet should be used at all time if you are riding a motorcycle this saves life  The new law, which mandates helmets only for riders under 21, and for those with less than two years of riding experience unless they've passed a rider education course, goes into effect on October 5, 2003 to present.

Do you think this was the best decision for the riders or was this just to help increase revenue for the motorcycle company.or it just put young people in harms way.

AGV Evolution Ti-Tech Helmet Review

AGV Evolution Ti-Tech Helmet   The Italian base company put there helmet on top riders like Valentino Rossi, so we decided to spend $650 to buy one of these avg  Evolution Ti Tech  and put it trough the test and here is what we found out.

The Ti-Techs performance surprised us. For starters, the helmet's fit was so tight that we had to remove it several times just to feel comfortable. We thought that would diminish as the liner broke in, but this was not the case it fitted that way for a long time and was reported by two owners of this model for 6 months.

While riding around town on the highway and trough traffic the helmet seem to toughed when you make a sudden stop on pressure is applied. but it light weight and shape make it feel good for high speed. after washing the liner it did not make any difference the helmet still was tight an uncomfortable. the design and shape is nice but your comfort is not there.

I f you are looking for a helmet just to use for a short high speed run this this is your pick but if you are using an every day helmet then this is not the right one for you.

Brain-cooling motorcycle helmet could save lives

Brain-cooling motorcycle helmet could save lives,the ThermaHelm, this incredible piece of equipment comes with an inbuilt device that acts like an instant ice pack after a sudden act like an instant ice pack the Inventor and motorcycling enthusiast,The helmet contains two lightweight chemical packs, which are built into the helmet lining.

One pack contains water, the other ammonium nitrate. A sudden impact causes the two to mix and trigger a 'cooling' reaction. it was once said that if your brain can remain cool after trauma you reduce the risk of brain damage.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ride to work day

Ride to work day All motorcycle, scooter and moped riders are encourage to ride your motorcycle cycle to work on Monday June 21 2010 let every one know that we are seeking to improved employer recognition and support for this form of transportation and increased public and government awareness of the positive value of work.

Riding to work on this day is fun and make every aware of the importance motorcycle play in or society all way renumber to wear your helmets when riding on this day.

Motorcycle helmet new information

The Department of Transportation Wednesday June 16, 2010  has increase its efforts to regulate so called novelty motorcycle helmets out of it's existence.  The Proposed new safety regulations will require that all DOT label on the back of safety-certified helmets be made much larger and harder to remove. Unscrupulous vendors sometimes remove the DOT labels from certified helmets and place them on their non-certified novelty helmets. The proposed regulation would also strengthen the DOT helmet safety certification the US and Canada this will mean that it will be harder for riders to fake the real helmet label, it is better to play it by the book when it come to motorcycle helmets than to cheat.

Street Legal Moped local

A Street Legal Moped could also be bought from your local motorbike shop. There is generally no problem in getting one from these shops as they sell street legal mopeds.but one of the problems riders are facing is what type of helmet to wear,

Everyone likes to be one step ahead of the next person or there friends. Whether it be the latest  phone or the most fashionable jacket or helmet

Be sure to wear a helmet and a jacket while riding a moped. Although the moped is an easy vehicle to ride be shore to take safety into consideration not fashion and enjoy your moped that is street legal,

Some moped can go faster than a motorcycle there are many tips and trick you can do i will tell you in an next post.

HJC CS-R1 Motorcycle Helmet Review

HJC CS-R1 Motorcycle Helmet Reviews The cs-r1 is about 80 bucks in the US, there is a couple of things  about it.   The helmet is a very basic helmet , it not the best i have ever seen it weight about 1600 gm and has a funny shape in the inside, there is a band that feel tight on my head when i am wearing it.

The air flow is very poor and the vent are very smooth which makes it difficult to move when i am wearing gloves, the visor get fogged up easily, and pop out to easy it making my head very sweaty, there are only two position  for the visor to open which is not very comfortable and the visor is extremely thin.

Overall i am very disappointed about this model of helmet there are a lot of small simple thing that could have been done but this is not the best choice of helmet.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Electric bikes that fly

Electric bikes that fly KABS Motors Electric Bicycle, is one of the fastest  bike that i have ever seen this bike moves so fast that you think that it is flying no joke you might think that i am making this up well just do a little search on it and see for your self let us know with some good feed back.

Motorcycle helmets with expiry dates 2010

Motorcycle helmets with expiry dates should you replace your motorcycle helmet for safety reason. recent study in Malaysia have shown that the ministry of transportation want to stamp motorcycle helmet with expiry date for a maximum of five years,it state that a helmet more than five year old will not offer any protection to the rider because it has deteriorated over the years should the us and Canadian safety board do the same?

Monday, June 14, 2010

Ducati Hypermotard Review

Ducati Hypermotard Review The riding position and technique was remarkably different from all other motorcycles I’ve tried  before. For the first time it is very different than i thought it would be, the riding position very different and the handling is not the same.

 It felt like i just got my motorcycle license, been that i am an experience rider and was able to anticipate the shifting and speed, it was still a different feel. I never owned one before but when my good friend ask me to give his a try i could not resist.

I find that this bike is good for some  back road and some long valley runs if this is your style of riding then this is the bike for you.

To conclude if you like the out back and sightseeing then this is your bike it is still  capable of doing lots of stunts and drifting but you will need a lot of practice even if you are a season rider. this was after riding this bike for about  6 hours.

Bikers blog

bikers blog if you are a biker or the owner of a motorcycle them you need to subscribe to this blog we have updated information on motorcycle helmet and motor bike, feel free to visit us at any time when ever you need information on motorcycle.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Motorcycle Schools in Canada

Motorcycle schools i have provide a list  of school and contact information for you refference

These are for limited speed Motorcycle

Fanshawe College          Phone: 519-452-4430
Rider Training Institute    Phone: 416-516-6151
Humber College             Phone: 416-798-0300

These are for full speed Motorcycle 

Sheridan College            Phone: 905-845-9430 ext 2690
Cambrian College           Phone: 705-566-8101 ext 7819
St. Clair College             Phone: 519-972-2727 ext  4608
Rider Training
Institue                           Phone: 416-516-6151
Ontario Motorcycle Safety
Association                    Phone: 1-866-433-4233


Harley davidson motorcycle school

Harley Davidson motorcycle school in Ontario Canada most new riders want to be able to do a couple of things when it comes to there bike one is to fixed it when it is broken and two ride it well you can do both of this if you are living in Canada or the us  just go to Sheridan college  (Seneca ) and register you are well on your way in just a couple of short months you will no longer be a newbie, they have many location in Ontario such as oak vile Brampton and Mississauga.

cheap motorcycle helmets in tyler texas

cheap motorcycle helmets in Tyler Texas for all my Texas readers and fans,  if you are looking for a cheap motorcycle helmet in your area you can use a number of different source one of the best and cheapest is to go to a site called Craiglist .org  and select your area which is Texas, there you can find hundreds of sellers who are willing to sell there helmet in your local home town for a fraction of the price and these helmets are in very good condition.