Saturday, June 5, 2010

Motorcycle buying guide and tips

Go to your local motorcycle dealer in your area and work with them to help you in selecting that best bike for you. Sit down on the model and make you picked, and make sure you're feet are not dragging on the ground. A good dealer will have true knowledgeable sales people.

. Beware of taking curves that you can't see around. A parked truck or a patch of sand may be awaiting you.

. If someone is tailgating you, either speed up to open more space or pull over
and let them pass.
. Wear protective clothing and a helmet
. Do not try to 'get even' with another rider or motorist by giving in to road rage.

. Take a motorcycle safety course to learn what to look for to avoid accidents.
There is No-Fault insurance available to motorcycle riders. This means that in the event of injury in a motorcycle accident, private health insurance must pay the bills.

Motorcycle Helmets

Motorcycle Helmets is  most  important, a helmet's primary purpose is protection, but they also have a number of secondary functions.It seems like an obvious statement. "Motorcycle helmets save lives.Whatever the reason, people must understand there can be no inconvenience when safety is a condition,  Apparently, many motorcyclists don't realize that in addition to size, motorcycle helmets come in a variety of different internal shapes, A motorcyclist who uses quality helmets like KBC motorcycle helmets will not only be safe but will also be comfortable on the road.You wouldn't drive a car without a seat belt, so why even consider riding a motorcycle without the proper safety equipment? Learn what kind of gear you should have before you hit the road. to find more info please use or database.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Pink motorcycle helmet

Pink motorcycle helmet this helmet is fast becoming the most popular helmet of choice for females, it was said that 30% of motorcycle riders are ladies so there huge demand for this product is not a surprise the helmet is made by many different company and can be found all around the world. some of these helmet comes with microphone and speakers already install in them.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Orange County Choppers Closes Doors

Orange County Choppers Closes Doors for all the fans of the famous American choppers tv show it is sad to say that the show was canceled and will no long be shown on tv if you want to see the guys you will have to go directly to there shop and that still does not mean you are going to see them, the next step was for them to build helmet to match there choppers

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

orange county chopper spiderman bike

orange county chopper spiderman bike and helmet i say this video and this kid riding very nice and the best looking bike i have see a helmet to match would be really good
this kid is amazing give him a couple of years andy you willl be hearing a loot of good thinks about him.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

300 cc trike

300 cc trike the new model of the trike is so impressive that i had to get one i purchase one for about $4500 just getting acoustom to it so i will let you know what the feed back is i hope it worth the money.

Monday, May 31, 2010

sgv helmet

Sgv helmet is the first SOLID GOLD Helmets and is proud to announce that it is the FIRST motorcycle helmets manufacturer in Malaysia to be certified ISO 9001,not only that they are the first to make children motorcycle helmet in malasyia. recently they have launch the trendy coloured open face called the sgv trendy helmet. Solid gold helmet is the leading manufacture in malasyia and also in international standards and price,they also manufacture & supply industrial helmets and motorcycle accessories. The SGV comes in different style such as the SGV Trendy,SGV Extreme Graphic,SGV Extreme Matt,SGV Extreme Leather.SGV Club,SGV Top with Cap,SGV Passola,SGV Sports,SGV Rider and the list goes on.

calgary bike helmet law

Calgary bike helmet law the city of Calgary in Alberta is one of the most bike friendly city in Canada it has bike paramedic ,bike cops and many other things that most city don't have for this reason there are many more accident but we have a better responce time, over the past couple of months there was  good stewardship of the earth and large increase in motorcycle helmet demand epecially from the ladies, in this city for motorcycle riders.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

motorcycle drivers and passengers should be required to wear helmets

motorcycle drivers and passengers should be required to wear helmets In most states this is serious business passengers and drivers should wear there helmet at all times if caught you will be fined or even get some prison time,what most riders are facing is the up surge in motorcycle helmet theft and for this matter some riders are caught without there helmet the best way around this is to buy a helmet lock and use it keep you helmet like you wallet don loose it.