Saturday, May 29, 2010

250cc motor scooter trikes

250cc motor scooter trikes what some riders don't know that a trike might have only three wheels but it is required that you wear your motorcycle helmet in order to abide by the law if not you will face some serious fines there are a lot of trike riders who think that they don't need it but boy they are wrong some

motorcycle safety helmets in ontario

motorcycle safety helmets in Ontario if you are living in Ontario Canada and need to find a good motorcycle helmet then your first choice should be Canadian tire or if you are willing to search around you should try there place you are guaranteed to get a good helmet at a very affordable price

Agv helmet a5047

agv helmet a5047 in 2006 the motorcycle helmet company avg launch this helmet, it gain huge response from the public not only that it was dot and snell approve the average retail price for this top quality helmet was retailing for $145.00 and it is worth it money in gold recent information found on the web that there are still a lot of demand for this model of helmet. if you have any up dated information please feel free to let us know.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

which helmet speakers is right for you

helmet speakers which helmet speakers is right if you are thinking about getting a helmet speakers thee are about four that will top the list in quality and profamance out of these four there is one that i consider the best i am no mean any expert on speakers but i can tell you this i had earned a couple of them well and over trial and failer i can say that some are better than the other.
.HS92 Helmet Speakers with ten being the best in terms price durability, vulome controll, and profomance i give this one a 8.
.XSJ XSJ Helmet Speakers this one comes up with my rating of a 7.
.HS68 Helmet Speakers this one never had good experience with so i give it a 5.
x3 sound helmet speakers this one i will say is the best of all and is rated with a 9.

motorcycle helmet speakers iphone

motorcycle helmet speakers iPhone if you are like me and need to stay in touch with friends using your apple i phone that does not mean because your a motorcycle rider that you have to give up this way of communication i found this video and want all of my followers who have a cell phone to feel confident again while riding.
as all ways please when riding at high speed use caution when using your iphone.

Choosing Chopper Helmets

Choosing motorcycle Chopper Helmets after spending a large amount of money and time building a custom chopper you suddenly ralise that you cant ride it because of the law in you area that say you must wear a helmet if you are using a motorcycle, stump and now wondering what to do, for shore you wont wear that helmet that you would nromaly use for and R1, hears what you should do check out what dot have to offer

The D.O.T. approved chopper helmets ensure your safety. If it does not have the

Padding provides comfort and avoids chafing.A sturdy yet comfortable chin strap that is fully adjustable makes sure the custom chopper helmet is snug tight to your head.

a Proper fit ensures that the chopper helmet will protect your head instead of sliding off your skull

If you do not like to wear goggles or safety glasses, you should consider a face shield to prevent bugs from hitting your eyes and causing accidents this can work both ways as a life safer and a bug gaurd.

Motorcycle Helmet Safety the truth

If you are looking for the safest helmet you can get your hands on, you don 't have to go to the most expensive rack in the store because of a bad incident. regardless of price don't buy in to that garbage, you might have heard fellow riders say don't put a cheap helmet on a priceless head, the best pick is the shoei x11 and the scorpion xl400 they are the number one pick tested by snell this is a pass or fail, Snell testing is world recognise and these helmet meet high standards, don't by into what you see when rides are using a certain brand in a race these riders are getting paid to where these company helmet so when you see then you think automatically that's what you need please don't by into that crap get a Snell tested helmet.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Motorcycle Stunt Riding Finals championship 2003

Motorcycle Stunt Riding Finals 2003 have a look at those dude ride you cant be a weark heart holy shit these guys are good i try some of these stunts my sely but was not so succesful in the end this is one of the reason you should own a motorcycle so much freaking fun.

AGV Helmet Shield Replacement Instructions

AGV Helmet Shield Replacement Instructions For the new guys or for those who just cant get it done buy your self simple and easy i came across tis video this morning and decided to share it with you . if after this video from you tube you cant do it your self then you need to forget about motorcycle and buy a scooter.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ducati Multistrada 1000DS

The riding position is very different from my Honda, very close to that of the MT-03, totally weird at first but lots of fun when you get used to it.
Between us, maybe I did try to provoke a little skidding a couple of times. But hey! It was hilarious, what’s a guy to do. Unfortunately the weather was kind of shitty, so the roads where wet and felt a bit slippery. The rear did skid a few times when I gave it a little throttle out of a sharp corner. Not much, but enough to make me think twice before pushing it further.
The exceptional performance of the Multistrada 1000 DS is derived from its impressive twin-cylinder 1000 DS engine and top-of-the-line Superbike components. the Ducati Multistrada 1000DS shouldn’t work – monster trailie motorcycle dimensions and posture mixed with street brakes and tyres should equal boingy mess – but it does, thanks to clean sheet design and street calibrated suspension.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Tip for home back yark motorcycle building

Here are some basic information you should consider before you even think about chopping up your motorcycle if you are not able to do any of these things then you need to get some help from friends or profiles

Cloth Wiring Tips
Custom-Built Exhaust Pipes How-To
* Custom-Built Exhaust Pipes on a Triumph
* How To Install A Solo Seat
* How to Shorten Triumph / British Forks
* How To Narrow a Motorcycle Gas Tank
* How to Radius a Motorcycle Fender
* Marking your throttle cable fit your Amal Carb
* How to Install a Chopper Oil Tank
* How to Install a Tapered Roller Bearing Conversion Kit
* Clutch Tech – The Triumph Cush Drive
* How to Shorten a Motorcycle Chain
* Custom Motorcycle Fork Stops

Please don,t waist your time and money and think you can do it your seld just get the help belive me i tryed in my early days and i wish i had some good advise like this.

harley davinson dont waste your time

Mate please don't waste your time with a Harley, yes ok they look and sound good but the cons out weight the pro's so much and i don't care what you heard about then, they're shit, we had one for about 4 years and it rusted like heck, heavy, poor finish ect. Got an R1 now, won't look back.

Suzuki GSX R 1000 Yoshimura

This is the most beautiful bike i have ever see full of power and fun to ride holy shit this is sweet stuff
in 2008 Suzuki gsxr 1000 was one of the fastest bike, mainly due to it high performance 1000 exhaust it is still a leading bike and the  gsxr 1000 motorcycle will stay this way in my book for a long time if you find a bike that out beat this one please us know about it.

yamaha r1 verses suzuki gsxr k4 from Bulgaria

Look, all of you people saying the Supra didn't stand a chance against the bike what the hell are you on? I'm a bike fan but here, their is clear 'video' evidence of the Supra accelerating at the same rate as the bikes. It doesn't matter what age they are they still have excellent acceleration 'It's a BIKE!' and also the Supra passed them at top speed. Stop making excuses that the riders are shit because from what I seen they were quite good 'I doubt you would do any better or come close' so shh

People stop trying to cover up for the bikes, I really don't give a shit if you have had a superbike and can't handle that a 470hp or whatever fvcking power output it has kept up with the bikes. It's 'clear' video evidence that the Supra was match for top spec bikes yet you still can't handle it, deal with it and live with it! who knows I will give you the benefit of the doubt, maybe it has more bhp. Don't always believe some text

2008 Yamaha R6 - Sportbike First Ride

This is one of the best sounding sportbikes out there, sounds intimidating! This is gonna be my first bike ever that i'll purchase new. I've done lots of research, and if you've riden before, and are familiar with these bikes, you can't go wrong with one of these. I'm actually steping down from a 1982 GS1100. It will shit n' get, but dam that thing is a heavy bastard. This is a stretch but: If a brand new rider absolutely had his/her heart set on a 600cc motorcycle, I'd recommend the R6 because it's low-end and mid-range power won't get you into (as much) trouble when you're riding around town and you hit a bump and twist the throttle by accident.

2006 Yamaha R6 Street Motorcycle Test

The Daytona is really fun but a little to aggressive for me. You sit really tall in the rear end and it puts a lot of pressure on the wrists, so great track bike, so so on the street.

if you are looking to do some serious testing then have a look ate this video i found for you.

2010 motorcycle adventure happy times

have u ever dream of going acrossAfrica on motorcycle? Surfing through dailymotion this morning I found some Yamaha Super Teneré videos that got me dreaming of long motorcycle journeys. I was never that big on Africa so I’d probably seek east. Maybe start out in Finland and ride all the way through Russia to China. Sounds like one hell of an adventure to me.

Open Face 3/4 Shell Motorcycle Helmets DOT Certified

Open Face 3/4 Shell Motorcycle Helmets - DOT CertifiedHow good is your helmet? Will it actually protect your brain in your next crash?

These seem like easy questions, ones you probably think you can answer by reciting the lofty standards your helmet meets and the lofty price you might have paid for it. But the real answers, as you are about to see, are anything but easy,The three-quarter helmet seems to have been very popular in the 1970s, when there was a huge surge in motorcycle ownership

approved motorcycle helmets is for all of us

approved motorcycle helmets have you ever realise that it is getting harder and harder to ride your motorcycle with out a motorcycle helmet on weather it was approved or not you must wear it that is the law and friends don't care what they are using this is bad for or safety

scorpion motorcycle helmets the new sting

scorpion motorcycle helmets this helmet has a new sting to it and it venum is spreading like wild fire if you check out he latest makr you will see what i am talking about

shoei helmets vs agv helmets

shoei helmets vs agv helmets in my litle opinion i think that the avg helmet is by far the best on the market but some are saying that shoei helmet is stron safe and comfortable well i guest that is left up to the riders to decide.

the kbc helmets is king but cool

kbc helmets this is just a short was of me saying kbc helmet are really nice not a big fan for it cool any way not much to say about this brand.

scorpion helmets waste of money

scorpion helmets waste of money for me i had one ad did not like it so i sold it cheap guest the othere guy like it better than me it just does not fee right

motorcycle half helmets the real deal

motorcycle half helmetswhat if i tell you that the half helmet is no god would you belive me ,most of you wont but i would not say that because i own one and it is really nice just tryied it out today and the feel is great

motor cycle helmets

motor cycle helmetsthis blog on motor cycle helmets page is one of the most popular destination for most bloggers and search who see to find information on motor cycle helmet, motorcycle helmet generate a lot of intrest and concern to most love ones, i have been receiving a lot of email from concern love one to write and post on the safety and the inportance of using the helmet due to the large amount of traffic and motorcycle riders this blog reaches,in the near furture i will post an article on this so stay tuned fot eh uptades.

Agv helmet shield

agv helmet shield why it is important to choose the right avg shelled my friends don choose because of looks choose because of performance the darker tinted shades will protect you more from the glear of the sun if you are riding a sudden flash can cause an serious accident don make bad decision do it right i have the tinted and so far ot fine for me.

avg helmet parts

avg helmet parts when it comes to the best you should not just choose aftermarket parts for the real deal parts are very important and can make the difference between life and death i like my agv helmet so i go direct to there website for parts in the event that i need some no substute will do for shore so please do the same.

AGV Ti-Tech Rossi Helmet

I am Trying to decide between the 46" Rossie VR46" version or the Rossi Moto GP graphics was an very hard decision. But I'm shore that it is simple graphical statements, the super and perfectly applied yellow, black and orange jagged edges really does it for me. Who knows maybe I'll end up with both models someday. Do you think maybe I could convince Vale to autograph one for me that is if he will do it i dought it any way it is worth a try?

This helmet is buy far one of the best of agv and the decision to choose is so hard but when it comes down to crunch time i will make the right decision and choose the 46 " the graph is so nice that i think most people get to attracted yo the graphic alone,

I like the graphics enough that if I never wore the helmet and just sat it on a shelf to admire it, I'd be happy. sorry that may be its fate, due to what we think is a strange sizing problem, which we'll get to in due course.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

agv helmets

agv helmets Why i love avg helmet so much well every one have there helmet of choice and mine is avg, avg is one of the best helmet i have use for years it is super comfortable and sleek design make it easy to use, the protection i hear is very goo fortunate for me i have never had the chance to test it and i hope it stay that way, the helmet comes in many different colours and size such as agv ti tech helmet,agv Rossie helmet, agv stealth helmet,Valentino Rossie agv helmet,agv blade helmet,agv k3 helmet and the list goes on i could mention a lot more for you but not today, any way if you are looking for comfort and performance the i would choose agv but the decision is yours i just like this make and brand.

motorcycle in ontario

motorcycle in Ontario living in Ontario and being a owner of a motorcycle can be a fun ad exciting ting but some time you are face with challenges like getting the right motorcycle parts, such as tires brakes, cables switches and accuracies well if you are not to familiar with the area you are in you will most likely spend a whole day just looking for one simple parts the way i do it is buy using a classified site called man they have a lot of motorcycle owners willing to sell there bike and part for a very cheap price so you can almost narrow down you search.

used motorcycle

used motorcycle If you are looking to buy a cheap used motorcycle don't look far, there are many place you can get some good quality motorcycle ,in your area for example look at craiglist .org and check your area you will find at least 10 people selling a motorbike, or for shore you will find a motorcycle at a better price and condition than a dealer.If you are living in canada some of the places on craiglist where you will find these are in Toronto, Mississauga and oakville guaranteed that you will be happy.

motorcycle helmet locks

motorcycle helmet locks and the importance if you are concern about your safety when riding your motorcycle the you must spend the time and invest in a motorcycle helmet lock the are lots to choose from but the fact of the matter is if some one really want to steal your helmet then they can do so given that they have alot of time on there hands and no one is around, but if the condition are not in there favour and you have a motorcycle helmet lock you will keep it and some day save your own life the lock that i use and find to be the most effective is those that have cables it could be of any brand.

motorcycles gloves

The are many motorcycle glove out there on the market to day but i will only talk about a couple, when it come to motorcycle gloves some people think that you can just use any glove you can buy in a store,well this is not the case you need good grip and sweat free material to have comfortable ride, this is why i choose avg glove this is buy far the best brand i have come across and belive me i have used a lot,kevlar motorcycle gloves, is also a good choise but from feedbacks some rides complain that it is a bit uncomfortable after using for a long time.icon motorcycle gloves and teknic motorcycle gloves are the next of choise so when buying glove be shore to buy carefully.