Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ducati Monster 696 Review

Ducati Monster 696 Review  This is the best example of  upgrading a motorcycle not just by changing the engine alone, there was many different rating on the ducati 696 model  and not all was perfect but i will give it my best opinion, This motorcycle is one of the best i have ever ride.

The riding position is extremely comfortable even if i was to let my grand mother ride it, i love the sound of the engine when you wring back the throttle she sound like a monster,this bike is good for city riding and around the town as well if this  is your style then this bike is for you,some may  want to take it off road that ok to but  not for a long period of time it begins to get a bit un comfortable.

You probably notice that this bike is well compact and and handle like a baby this is a perfect buy if you ask me just one of the best i have seen, thanks to my good biker Friend bob, who provided the motorcycle for review.

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