Monday, June 28, 2010

Ktm 125 Review

Ktm 125 Review This bike is one of the best  bike in it class light weight and easy to handle,not to mention cheap. the ktm is very easy to start and fires almost every time  you try to start it even when it is cold, we find that this bike seems to be very small but despite that it is a little fat at the button and slim on the top which make it easier for some riders and gives you good balance, putting this bike trough the trees is a breeze, it handle so good that i felt it was to perfect never the less this bike is perfect for off road i found no fault with this bike and recommended it to any one. the parts are very easy to get and cheap as well,fuel is not a question this baby don't burn fuel you could go mile and won't have to worry if you are looking for a perfect mix this this is your bike..

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