Sunday, June 20, 2010

kawasaki disease Not Related

kawasaki disease I was flooded with email today so i decides to make this post to let my readers and fan know that they don't have to worry, most of  my readers was concern that this was something to do with the motorcycle company kawasaki  but it does not. It clinically resembles scarlet fever and toxic shock syndrome  diagnosis – presence of fever or   five  days and presence of four of the following: bilateral conjunctivitis, exanthem.

So i just want to make shore that you don't have to worry  it affect young kids but you should only worry if you are in an infected area. it looks similar to scarlet fever, consistent with red rash and strep trout like symptoms, aslo soars on the tongue and mouth. i also posted a picture of what it might look like if you have it.

kawasaki disease symptoms include rash, soar trout, fever itching some burning eyes, and scarlet fever symptoms.

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