Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bell Star Helmet Review

Bell star helmet
Bell Star Helmet  Review it is surprisingly good and  a beauty,  the quality is good and the helmet has a nice shape light weight at 1500gm  a bargain price to booth, the helmet has a modern shape, and a  thin gasket at the bottom.

You could tell a lot of work went into this helmet it has a chin curtain and the visor lifting device is very easy to use one of the best i have  ever seen  it also has micro adjusting, the top vent is very effective and the exhaust hole at the back is very cool and efficient the smooth style and spoiler at the back give the helmet a cool look.

It's cool design and shape  help it rating  this is one of the  top ten helmet for 2010 and i can see why, it's  a very good helmet for you to use. this is the flag ship of the bell helmet overall must have if your are a motorcycle rider.
Bell star helmet picture

One of the best features about this  helmet is the sleek shape and cool design, the new Bell Star not only looks great, but  it has a vast amount  of features that are unique.  We love  to see how these features work during the  ride, so let's hope a that bell can match it own self .  Here are some photos above, and then will describe our first impressions:

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  1. Thank for the great review you provided now i can go and buy my bell star helmet the information was very help full for a new biker.


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