Motorcycles Helmet

Motorcycles Helmet

Thursday, June 17, 2010

AGV Evolution Ti-Tech Helmet Review

AGV Evolution Ti-Tech Helmet   The Italian base company put there helmet on top riders like Valentino Rossi, so we decided to spend $650 to buy one of these avg  Evolution Ti Tech  and put it trough the test and here is what we found out.

The Ti-Techs performance surprised us. For starters, the helmet's fit was so tight that we had to remove it several times just to feel comfortable. We thought that would diminish as the liner broke in, but this was not the case it fitted that way for a long time and was reported by two owners of this model for 6 months.

While riding around town on the highway and trough traffic the helmet seem to toughed when you make a sudden stop on pressure is applied. but it light weight and shape make it feel good for high speed. after washing the liner it did not make any difference the helmet still was tight an uncomfortable. the design and shape is nice but your comfort is not there.

I f you are looking for a helmet just to use for a short high speed run this this is your pick but if you are using an every day helmet then this is not the right one for you.


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