Motorcycles Helmet

Motorcycles Helmet

Monday, May 24, 2010

Tip for home back yark motorcycle building

Here are some basic information you should consider before you even think about chopping up your motorcycle if you are not able to do any of these things then you need to get some help from friends or profiles

Cloth Wiring Tips
Custom-Built Exhaust Pipes How-To
* Custom-Built Exhaust Pipes on a Triumph
* How To Install A Solo Seat
* How to Shorten Triumph / British Forks
* How To Narrow a Motorcycle Gas Tank
* How to Radius a Motorcycle Fender
* Marking your throttle cable fit your Amal Carb
* How to Install a Chopper Oil Tank
* How to Install a Tapered Roller Bearing Conversion Kit
* Clutch Tech – The Triumph Cush Drive
* How to Shorten a Motorcycle Chain
* Custom Motorcycle Fork Stops

Please don,t waist your time and money and think you can do it your seld just get the help belive me i tryed in my early days and i wish i had some good advise like this.


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