Motorcycles Helmet

Motorcycles Helmet

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Choosing Chopper Helmets

Choosing motorcycle Chopper Helmets after spending a large amount of money and time building a custom chopper you suddenly ralise that you cant ride it because of the law in you area that say you must wear a helmet if you are using a motorcycle, stump and now wondering what to do, for shore you wont wear that helmet that you would nromaly use for and R1, hears what you should do check out what dot have to offer

The D.O.T. approved chopper helmets ensure your safety. If it does not have the

Padding provides comfort and avoids chafing.A sturdy yet comfortable chin strap that is fully adjustable makes sure the custom chopper helmet is snug tight to your head.

a Proper fit ensures that the chopper helmet will protect your head instead of sliding off your skull

If you do not like to wear goggles or safety glasses, you should consider a face shield to prevent bugs from hitting your eyes and causing accidents this can work both ways as a life safer and a bug gaurd.


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