Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Motorcycle Helmets | Motorcycle Helmet Lock

There are four different components that work together that provide good protection in the motorcycle helmet The outer shell,impact absorbing liner,the comfort padding,good retention system.

The Outer Shell: This is usually made from a thermoplastic composite like polycarbonate.Very strong but design to compress upon impact. This helmet action disperses the energy before it reaches your head.

The impact absorbing liner: This part of the motorcycle helmet

is usually made from Styrofoam a thick layer which absorbs the shock upon impact of the helmet.

The comfort padding:It is the most comfortable part of the helmet this is usually made from a soft cloth and foam layer some motorcycle helmet padding can be removed for cleaning.

The retention system: This is the part of the motorcycle helmet the keep the helmet on your head when your in a crash.Every time you where your helmet fasten your helmet strap on your motorcycle helmets..